Doug Martin Twitter Takeover on April 23

Doug Martin was one half of the Buccaneers first round prizes coming out of the 2012 NFL Draft. And with the primetime first round of the 2013 NFL Draft quickly approaching, we think it only fitting to let the Dougernaut take the stage and take your questions.

That is why, on Tuesday, April 23, from 1-1:30 PM, Doug Martin will be taking over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Twitter handle, @TBBuccaneers.

This event is your chance to ask Doug Martin (@DougMartin22) your pressing questions about his experiences from the 2012 NFL Draft and his phenomenal rookie season. Doug will also be giving away some special autographed memorabilia to some of the best Tweets that hit his inbox.

From 1-1:30 PM, send the Dougernaut your questions by tweeting at @TBBuccaneers, using the hashtag #itsabucslife to ensure your comment can be seen.

And as if that isn’t enough to get you fully excited to learn the 2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie class, don’t forget to join us on Thursday, April 25, to watch the primetime first round at Raymond James Stadium for the Official Draft Party!

Point/Counterpoint: First Annual Captain’s Blog NFL Mock Draft!

Less than a week left until the beginning of 2013 NFL Draft. Needless to say, we are all getting a little antsy. With big news coming out yesterday with the NFL schedule release, we at least have something to tide us over for the long week of waiting ahead.

However, since we have already speculated about which opponents we are most excited about seeing and which game we want to see for our opener, I say we spend this week working out just how this draft might go down.

Since January, we’ve been seeing and reporting on the experts from ESPN,, and countless other mock draft about who the Buccaneers could potentially snag with the 13th selection. So, I propose that we make our own.

Ladies and gentlemen: the First Annual Captain’s Blog NFL Mock Draft (FACBNFLMD)! One-by-one, pick-by-pick, let’s conjure up our own 2013 NFL Draft opening round.  As a gentleman, I’ll let you get the first overall pick with the Kansas City Chiefs. I’ll take the Jaguars at number two and send it back to you with the Raiders at pick three. Et cetera, et cetera.

Without further ado… With the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs (via Scott Smith) select… Continue reading

Share your VIP Experience at the Official Draft Party

The Buccaneers are throwing the 2013 Official Draft Party presented by Miller Lite on Thursday, April 25, at Raymond James Stadium. And as if watching the primetime first round of the NFL Draft with thousands of Bucs fans on the home turf of your favorite team wasn’t enough, you now have the chance to upgrade your experience and share it with thousands of Bucs fans worldwide!

Click here to enter to become the Bucs Life First Mate. Follow the link and simply send us your Twitter handle, your best fan picture and explain what the Bucs Life means to you in 120 characters or less.

The winner will get the VIP treatment at the Official Draft Party and the Buccaneers will showcase your tweets and photos through Bucs social media. Entries will be accepted until Monday, April 22. Enter today to live the Bucs Life in style at the Official Draft Party presented by Miller Lite.

Polling the Krewe: Which Proposed Rule Change Do You Support?

This week, we saw six proposed rule changes brought up and voted on by the NFL Competition Committee. While some have been approved, others are still waiting on discussion.

In our Point/Counterpoint article this week, we discussed some of the rules and debated which one we stood behind the most. Check out what we had to say and read more about the rule discussions here. And now we’re asking you! Let us know your pick and discuss your reasoning in the comments below.

Which of the NFL's proposed (or recently accepted) rule changes are you most in favor of?

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Point/Counterpoint: Do You Like Any of the Proposed NFL Rule Changes Being Considered by the Competition Committee?

Every offseason, amid the free agent acquisitions and mock drafts, in some corners of the NFL it is time to get down to a different kind of business. The NFL is always searching for ways to make the league more entertaining and, especially, safer for all of the players, as is illustrated so beautifully in one of my favorite commercials.

On tap this season, we see six proposed rule changes that the NFL’s Competition Committee have either already voted on or will likely do so at some point. Some have already been past in the last 24 hours.

  1. The Jim Schwartz Rule. Basically, if a play is supposed to be automatically reviewed, it will still be reviewed even if the coach illegally tosses his red flag. This was not the case last year, which baffled some Thanksgiving football viewers. The coach will, however, be either charged a timeout or penalized 15 yards.
  2. On field goals and extra points, no more than six defensive players can be lined up to either side of the snapper. (This one has already passed.)
  3. Get rid of the tuck rule. Long time coming, Raider Nation.  (Also passed already.)
  4. Allow tight ends and H-backs to wear numbers 40-49. (Goodness, it’s about time, don’t you think?!)
  5. Offense not allowed to block low when going toward their own end lines in the tackle box. Can’t go low when peeling back. (Also passed already.)
  6. The one you’ve likely been hearing about all week: Runners may not initiate contact with the crown of their helmet when outside the tackle box. (Passed)

If you’d like to get more in-depth descriptions, or really want to nerd out and read the proposed bylaw changes and emphasis points, you can check it out here on’s Pro Football Talk. But for this exercise, I think I did a decent job summing things up.

So, Scott, I’ll let you be the first to take a crack at the proposed rule changes. The question is a simple one: Do you like any of the proposed (or already accepted) rule changes being considered by the Competition Committee?

Have at it. Continue reading

Derrick Brooks Tackles Buccaneer Twitter

Throughout his career, Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks took down quarterbacks, blockers, running backs and anyone else holding a football. And while he may be done taking over NFL games, he has two more takeovers in his sights.

Along with current Buccaneer star running back Doug Martin, Brooks is one of 64 former and current players vying for the honor of landing the Madden NFL 25 cover. While Martin lines up on the “New School” side, Derrick Brooks looks to tackle his competition in the “Old School” column and takeover the title of newest Madden cover star.

On Monday, March 18, from 12-1 PM EST, he will be taking over another platform, the Buccaneers Twitter handle, @TBBuccaneers, in the Derrick Brooks Twitter Takeover.

This event is a special chance for you to chat with the Bucs all-time tackle leader. He will field your questions throughout the hour-long session while giving away some special autographed memorabilia to some of the best Tweets that come his way. In the timeframe, tweet at @TBBuccaneers and be sure to add the hashtag #itsabucslife for your comment to be seen.

To cast your vote for the Buccaneers New and Old School candidates, make sure to visit and share

And remember to tune in on Monday, March 18 from 12-1 PM for the Twitter Takeover.

Polling the Krewe: Best Buccaneer Unrestricted Free Agent?

Free agency is knocking on the door. Just over 24 hours until the gates open and the free agency process is underway. And in celebration, we’re naming off some of the best unrestricted free agent (UFA) signings in the 20-year span since the current system was put in place by the original CBA.

Since 1993 (the year that first collective bargaining agreement ushered in the modern era of free agency in the NFL), the Buccaneers have seen some incredible production from UFAs. From a 1993 class including dominant LB Hardy Nickerson and CB Martin Mayhew to the most recent splashes from 2012′s WR Vincent Jackson and G Carl Nicks, the Buccaneers have been making waves for the last 20 years in the process. (Note: Only players who were technically unrestricted free agents at the time they were signed are included, so some players you may expect to see – such as Keenan McCardell or Roman Oben – are not included.)

Now we want to know what you think. Are you loving a star from the newest class? Does your favorite UFA take you back to 2002 and the Super Bowl Championship? Vote now for your favorite Buccaneer UFA signing and tell us about it in the comments!

Since the first CBA ushered in free agency in 1993, what is the best UFA signing the Bucs have ever had?

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Remember, if you have a question for an upcoming “Point/Counterpoint” debate or a poll that you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comments below!

Polling the Krewe: Which Buccaneer Do You Want for the Madden Cover?

Earlier this week, we told you more about the official voting for the featured cover player in the upcoming Madden 25. All 32 NFL teams will have a nominee, and the NFL star to land the cover will be voted on by the fans starting on Monday, March 11. More information on voting can be seen here.

In anticipation of the unveiling of the nominees, we are once again calling on you to answer which Tampa Bay Buccaneer you would like to see gracing the 2013 cover of this incredibly successful video game franchise.

Who do you want to see as the Bucs representative in the Madden 25 voting?

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Oh, and of course, don’t forget to vote for the Buccaneer star when voting begins on Monday!

Polling the Krewe: Which Under-the-Radar Free Agent Would You Sign?

In the past few weeks, we’ve been putting a lot of attention on Free Agency, and even wrote this masterpiece on who we think will be the most coveted member of the 2013 free agent class.

In our most recent Point/Counterpoint discussion, we tackled the idea of a “sleeper” free agency candidate that we think could very well call Tampa Bay home. We’re talking about a player who isn’t garnering much nationwide attention, but could still come in and perform at a high level at one of the Bucs’ positions of need.

We laid out a few names, and now we want to hear from you. Let us know which selection you most agree with. Got a name that we didn’t talk about? Share it with us in the comments. Fire away!

Which, if any, of the "under-the-radar" free agents mentioned would you most like to see in a Buccaneers uniform?

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Remember, if you have a question for an upcoming “Point/Counterpoint” debate or a poll that you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comments below!

Polling the Krewe: Turning Attention to Pro Days

NFL teams, managers, coaches and scouts are turning their attention to the next phase before of draft preparation: various college Pro Day workouts.

Pro Days give the college athletes another change to showcase their skills, this time on their own turf. While not quite as compelling as the NFL Scouting Combine, these events are well-attended by NFL teams looking for another glimpse at some of the rookie hopefuls. These individual performances can make up for a lackluster showing at the Combine and help bump names of lesser-known talent higher up the big boards.

As was so eloquently pointed out here, the Buccaneers will be among those in attendance at these college workouts around the country. And there are some big ones that might be drawing more attention based on what experts are saying the Bucs might do come draft day.

So, again, we turn to you. Let us know what you think is the most important college Pro Day for the Buccaneers to be keeping an eye on? The offensive line and defensive back talent in Alabama? A big-name cornerback and pass rush combo at Florida State? The first-round talent at tight end and linebacker up in Notre Dame?

Make your choice in the poll and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Which is the most important college Pro Day for the Buccaneer scouts to visit in the next six weeks?

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Remember, if you have a question for an upcoming “Point/Counterpoint” debate or a poll that you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comments below!