Point/Counterpoint: Will the Dougernaut Roll to 2,000?

With 1,612 combined rushing and receiving yards through 13 games, Doug Martin is already the most prolific rookie running back in franchise history.  The question is, can he put himself among the elite rookie backs in NFL history?

Okay, actually, that’s not really the question, because Martin has already done.  But we all love big round numbers, like 50 home runs and 4,000 passing yards, and certain sports milestones are veritable invitations into the superstar club.

The 2,000-yard season for a running back is one of those numbers.  Continue reading

Point/Counterpoint: Do the Bucs Need to Run the Table?

Alright, Scott, Point/Counterpoint number two. Let’s go.

We’re rolling along into Week 14. Four games remain in the regular season and teams are jockeying for their positions in the postseason. The Atlanta Falcons, with their win last Thursday night, locked up the NFC South and from here forward are playing for an opening week bye and home-field advantage. The Buccaneers’ playoff hopes come down to the two Wild Card spots.

The Bucs currently sit at number nine in the NFC Playoff race. The Buccaneers have a 6-6 record along with the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys and Redskins have each have a head-to-head victory, ranking them higher than the Bucs. Sitting in the six seed with a potential Wild Card berth are the Seattle Seahawks with a 7-5 record.

In the spirit of debate, we at the Captain’s Blog have decided to tackle the tough issues, debating topics in our newest weekly article: Point/Counterpoint. Feel free to share your own opinion on the matter in the comments blow or let us know what topics you’d like to see debated in a future blog post.

Without further ado, today’s topic: To win a Wild Card spot in the Playoffs, will the Buccaneers need to win out?

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Point/Counterpoint: Toughest Test Left

There are certain aspects of NFL football in general, and the Buccaneers specifically, on which we can all agree.  Touchdowns are good.  Doug Martin deserves a better nickname.  Derrick Brooks is headed to the Hall of Fame.  Those cannons at Raymond James Stadium are really loud.

Unfortunately, not everything is so cut-and-dried.  Or perhaps we should say fortunately, because half the fun of following a sports team is debating the little things.  Should we go for it on fourth-and-one at the 45?  Should we draft a cornerback or a tackle?  Is “Muscle Hamster” really that bad of a nickname?

With so many debatable topics, it’s time we get into the act here in the Captain’s Blog.  Thus our new feature: Point/Counterpoint.  We’ll pick a topic and two blog contributors will take opposite sides.  In the discussion beneath the article, you can share your own thoughts on which side you support.

Today’s topic: What is the most difficult game left on the Bucs’ schedule as they chase a playoff spot?

I’ll give you first choice, Andrew. Continue reading