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After the Twenty Questions Draft Contest went live on Buccaneers.com on Friday, I asked my colleague, Andrew Norton, to take a stab at an entry, including explanations for his picks.  Don’t worry – he’s not eligible to win.  However, if you find any of his reasoning compelling, you may want to include it in your thought process when you fill out your own entry.

Here are Andrew’s predictions:

1. Who will the Buccaneers draft with their first overall pick?

Sheldon Richardson. I don’t think they’ll be comfortable reaching on a corner at 13th overall with Dee Milliner off the board. Richardson as a shifty DT makes a great fit and will help keep the Bucs atop the NFL’s rushing defenses.

2. From what position group will the Buccaneers pick with their second selection of the draft?

Cornerback. I think they head to the secondary with their second rounder. Could be a decent chance Johnthan Banks is waiting for them there.

3. From what position group will the Buccaneers pick with their third selection of the draft?

Offensive Tackle. This draft seems incredibly hard to predict just looking at “expert” mock drafts. I find it hard to believe any of them will even get six first -rounders right. So, I’ll take a crap shoot on this one and put my chips on OT.

4. Which player will be drafted immediately before the Bucs’ first overall pick?

Ezekiel Ansah. Dolphins grab him. If they didn’t, he’d be a Buccaneer.

5. Who will the Carolina Panthers draft with their first overall pick?

Xavier Rhodes. Maybe this is just to elicit a reaction. Lots of people want Bucs to grab a corner, but I think they pass over Rhodes and Carolina scoops him up one pick later.

6. Who will the New Orleans Saints draft with their first overall pick?

Jarvis Jones. Saints need a rush linebacker badly to pair with newfound Victor Butler and Barkevious Mingo (I just wanted an excuse to use his name) is off the board. The rumor mill will help Jones fall to 14.

7. Who will the Atlanta Falcons draft with their first overall pick?

Johnathan Hankins. Falcons fill up a spot in the middle to stop the run. I was very close to having them get TE Tyler Eifert as heir-apparent to Tony Gonzalez.

8. How many cornerbacks will be drafted in the first round?

3. Milliner, Rhodes and Trufant.

9. Which team will be the SECOND one to draft a quarterback?

Jacksonville Jaguars. They’ll grab a QB to compete with Gabbert with the first pick of the second round. Geno Smith is the only quarterback to go in the first.

10. In what pick range will the first running back be drafted?

Picks 21-30. I think the Packers will snag Eddie Lacy with the 26th pick.

11. Who will be the first wide receiver drafted in the SECOND round?

Justin Hunter. I have four WRs going in the first round and Hunter going in the first 10 picks of the second.

12. Which team will draft Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o?

Pittsburgh. I think the Steelers will lock him up with the 48th overall pick.

13. This year’s top small-school prospect may be Arkansas-Pine Bluff T Terron Armstead, who has helped his stock dramatically at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. How high will he go?

Round 2, picks 17-32. Definitely won’t make it out of the second round, in my book.

14. Which team will make the trade that moves it up the most spots in the first round?

San Francisco. They have like 74 draft picks this year and are 31st overall. I think they could ship off a few of them and move up in the first trying to find a safety to replace Tampa Bay’s Dashon Goldson.

15. Which side of the trenches will be the first one to have five players drafted: Offensive Line or Defensive Line?

Offensive line. I think that eight of the first 10 picks are linemen: four offensive, four defensive. Then at number 11, the Chargers go O-line.

16. In what order will the following four players be drafted: Utah DT Star Lotulelei, Texas S Kenny Vaccaro, Alabama G Chance Warmack and Florida State DE Bjoern Werner?

Lotulelei, Warmack, Vaccaro, Werner. Yeah, why not?

17. How many of the 32 players drafted in the first round will be underclassmen?

I nerdily made my own first round mock draft. And, if I counted correctly, I’ve got 17 underclassmen drafted in round one.

18. Will the Buccaneers draft more offensive players, more defensive players, or will it be an even split (kickers/punters excluded)?

More defensive players. Seems like a toss-up to me. The defense seems to have more areas of need, so I’ll lean that way.

19. What position will “Mr. Irrelevant” play?

Wide receiver. A lot of people automatically jump to Kicker for Mr. Irrelevant. But that has only been done twice since 1970 (even though the last time the Buccaneers picked Mr. Irrelevant, it was a kicker). Since 1980, the positions most often picked are TE and WR, with five each. As the Colts have the last pick, and seem set at TE, I’m going with wide receiver.

20. Let the waterworks begin: Which draftee will be the first one shown crying on the ESPN broadcast of the first round of the draft (choose none if you believe no players will be shown crying)?

Geno Smith. Someone’s going to cry. I’ll give the nod to the first quarterback selected.

One comment on “Taking the Test

  1. Why is it, that in a year that there are three STELLAR options in the draft pool, and fans and team alike are acknowledging the massive need for a CB, we keep dancing around the prospects of Milliner, Rhodes, and Trufant? Let’s face it… Even Revis doesn’t think he’s coming to Tampa. The rest of the positional needs are mild in comparison to our CB gap. You have a crop of potent veterans surrounding the position in the case that Ronde sticks around another year, backed up by Goldson. Xavier Rhodes would be a spectacular choice for the Bucs.

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