Bucs Fantasy Brief: What Should I Do with Vincent Jackson in a Keeper League?

Fantasy football keeper leagues come in all different shapes and sizes. But for this exercise, let’s assume the most popular version. If you keep a player, you give up your pick in the round in which you originally drafted him.

Simple enough. If you drafted Vincent Jackson in Round Five of the 2012 draft, then you give up your 2013 Round Five pick. So… is it worth it?

This season, in standard leagues, Vincent Jackson ranks fourth among wide receivers. His yardage output has him ranked fifth in the NFL, while his eight touchdowns are tied for ninth. At nearly 12 fantasy points per game, he is absolutely one of the heavy hitters in fantasy leagues across the nation. Heck, with the season he’s having, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him ranked in Fantasy Premier leagues as well.

It is in the PPR leagues that his value takes a bit of a hit. While his most outstanding NFL statistic is leading the league in yards per catch with 19.8, it is also a bit of an undoing when it comes to receptions. He has the yardage numbers to make him a heavy hitter still, but when you factor in points per reception, he is jumped by a number of his WR cohorts. With all of his stats coming on just 62 receptions, we must scroll all the way down to the 26th spot to find him in the rankings. And with that, he becomes the 10th-highest fantasy wide receiver with 235 points as we see players like Reggie Wayne, Victor Cruz and Dez Bryant jump ahead of him.

But really, either way you slice it, standard or PPR, you should most certainly consider Vincent Jackson as keeper potential. His average draft position according to ESPN was the 19th overall selected WR at the 57th pick. In a 10-team league, that is round six.

And based on how well he has fared this week, (and not even factoring in how much he could greatly improve next season with another year of maturity for Josh Freeman and a healthy offensive line), Jackson has certainly solidified himself as a top 10 wide receiver pick that will likely be taken in the late second or early third round of next years draft.

So, you will be giving up a sixth round selection for a second-rounder. Sounds pretty nice to me. Even if you took Jackson in the fourth or fifth rounds, it is a winning proposition. Based on his statistics throughout the year and the round where you likely selected him, making Jackson your keeper should yield some good results in 2013.

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