Simeon Rice Deemed a Top-20 Free Agency Move

Earlier this week, just before the start of the 2013 open market, we ran down the top 20 UFA signings for the Buccaneers during the first 20 years of NFL free agency.  That same day, we asked you to vote on the single best signing by the Bucs in that period.  We picked Hardy Nickerson as the top signing; you voted for Simeon Rice.

You folks are smart.

Or, at least, you’re on the same page as the experts at, who recently ranked the top 20 free agent signings in the entire league over the last 20 years.  Nickerson isn’t on the list, but Rice is.  That’s a pretty impressive showing for the former edge-rusher, given the hundreds of signings that have taken place over the past two decades.  Rice comes in at #18 on the list, just ahead of the Saints’ signing of S Darren Sharper in 2009 and just behind the Bills’ addition of DE Bryce Paup in 1995.

The analysis of what made the Rice signing so good for Tampa Bay in 2001 was very similar to our own reasoning in ranking Rice third on the Bucs’ top 20 list, right after Nickerson and QB Brad Johnson.  As the NFL experts say:

“The Buccaneers already boasted one of the NFL’s best defenses when Rice arrived in 2001 to help add a pass-rushing presence. Rice provided that pressure, registering double-digit sack totals in five consecutive seasons. In the Buccaneers’ first and only Super Bowl appearance, Rice recorded two sacks as Tampa Bay dominated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21.”

Four of the top 20 moves were made by NFC South teams.  In addition to the Rice and Sharper signings, the list gives credit to Atlanta for its Michael Turner pickup in 2008 (#16) and particularly likes the Saints acquisition of Drew Brees in 2006 (#2).  In fact, the only move deemed better than the Brees signing in the last 20 years was one of the first big free agency splashes – the Packers signing of DE Reggie White in 1993.

One comment on “Simeon Rice Deemed a Top-20 Free Agency Move

  1. Clinton Mueller on said:

    The problem with ESPN and with Buccaneer nation is that most of the people voting have no idea who Hardy Nickerson was, nor cared enough about the Bucs at his time. Heck, many of them probably weren’t alive then (how’s that for perspective? we are getting old!) Hardy Nickerson, without question was the best free agent hire by the Buccaneers, there isn’t even a second place and here is why:

    The Yucks, remember them? Many don’t. From 1980-1994, the Buccaneers were the standard of futuility. Then they signed the hard hitting toolman from the Pittsburgh Steelers and the culture changed. Not in year one, though one could argue the Pro-Bowl in Hawaii, when Nickerson hit players so hard they complained was the beginning of years of winning football. Nickerson set the tone, he became the mentor for Brooks, Sapp, Lynch when they all arrived. Don’t believe this old man? Ask them.

    When Nickerson retired, his legacy lived on until Brooks retired. Sadly, I think that culture is lost in today’s Buccaneers. But I for one will always appreciate the impact that Nickerson had on the franchise. Without him, Simeon Rice, would have never even entertained coming here in the first place.

    Toolman, you will never be forgotten by this man. I wear my old Bucco Bruce gear proudly, knowing what it took for people like you to spark a change in culture, bring about pride in our defense, and ultimately, after you left, the rookies you mentored brought our area a Lombardi trophy.

    So while Rice was the racing tires on the racecar, Nickerson was the one who put the engine together.

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