From Plus-11 Turnover Ratio Among NFL’s Best and Tampa Tribune writer Ira Kaufman gives us his Bucs Notes after Sunday’s win against the San Diego Chargers. Through nine games, the Buccaneers have forced 11 more turnovers than they have committed, a mark that is among the highest in the league.

Check out all of the stats and the other impressive notes from the Buccaneer season by clicking here.

One thought on “From Plus-11 Turnover Ratio Among NFL’s Best

  1. I don’t know who reads this blog, but I hope the Front Office guys take a look at Alameda Ta’amu 4th rd pick DT just released by the Steelers. He made a terrible mistake but is he a bad guy or a young guy that did something bad? Mason Foster and Dan Teo-Nesheim will know his background.

    Coach Schiano knows how to develop both players and men. I don’t want thugs, but if this is a guy that could help and is salvageable as a person, then by all means do due diligence!

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