Bowers Takes First Step, But Not Likely to Play This Week

Da’Quan Bowers practiced with the Buccaneers on Wednesday, the first day of a three-week period in which the team can evaluate his health and determine whether to activate him to the 53-man roster.  It was Bowers’ first practice since he suffered a torn Achilles tendon on May 10.

That was an important step for Bowers, who has maintained ever since his injury, in the face of some skepticism, that he would return to action in 2012.  It is looking more and more likely that he was right, but it is not particularly likely that he will return this Sunday against New Orleans.

“No I don’t think so,” said Head Coach Greg Schiano after Bowers’ first practice, which he deemed ‘pretty good.’  “I mean there’s a chance but that wouldn’t be what we want to do. I think we have to make sure we go very deliberately with this and see how it feels and then do it some more. It was a minimal work load today. We are going to ease our way into this thing.”

Schiano said the exact timing of Bowers’ expected return to game action is a “medical decision,” but he was hopeful that it would come during this 21-day window.  Bowers could conceivably be put on the 53-man roster even if he is not quite ready at the end of those three weeks, and simply deactivated on game days until he is.

Bowers seems confident the timetable will be quicker than that, however.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of anything going wrong,” he said.  “I’m good to go, and it’s up to Coach Schiano and myself now about how to handle it.  Right now, I don’t want to put myself out there – those guys have been playing as well as they have, and I don’t want to be that one guy who’s not ready to go.  We’ll have to see how everything goes the rest of the week.”

Bowers said he had to get used to the tempo of a Schiano practice, something his teammates have had months to become accustomed to.  But both he and Schiano said that his conditioning and strength work during his rehab was excellent, which means he’s closer to being in ‘football shape’ than he could have been.

Still, it remains something of a waiting game for Bowers, if one with an ending much closer in sight.  Bowers is aware that some believed he was being overly optimistic in the weeks after his injury when he predicted this return, but he says he was basing his feelings on solid information…and it appears he was right.

“The people that said that weren’t doctors,” he said.  “The doctors told me when I did it that there was a chance I could play this year.  That was why I was so optimistic about my chances to play.  There’s still a chance that I could play this week or next week, we just don’t know.  I think the main thing now is to get back into the swing of things, blend back in with my teammates and get those reps.”

6 comments on “Bowers Takes First Step, But Not Likely to Play This Week

  1. Macabee on said:

    I don’t want Bowers to come back this year. It’s not going to make a marginal difference in our win/loss record. Given that the D-line is performing at a respectable level without Clayborn and Bowers, I would like to psychologically think of them as 2 additional 1st round picks in the 2013 draft.

    Bennett should be looked at as 1 of 2 key players we get in FA. The other should be a receiving TE that can also block.

    Looking at the Bucs roster, they are listing Markus White 6-4, 264 as a LB. When Clayborn returns Te’o Nesheim could slide into the role of another LB at 6-3, 263. With 2 fast big rush OLBs like KC’s Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, we could run 34 or 335 defenses to confuse offenses as required. George Johnson who can play both RDE and LDE becomes our ace-in-the-hole. Talk about depth, this is quality depth folks!

    Our actual draft could then focus on a big physical FS (Eric Reid, LSU) to go along with Barron, a monster nose tackle (Star Lutulelei, Jonathan Hankins, or Kawann Short), and a big cover CB for the left side (Jonathan Banks, Dee Milliner, Xavier Rhodes, David Amerson, or Jordan Poyer).

    And one more thing while I’m playing GM, restructure Quincy Black’s contract to reflect his true worth or add Te’o Manti to the 1st round draft board and move Foster outside.

    Are you listening Mr. Schiano?

    • I couldn’t agree with Macabee more on his analysis with the exception of holding Bowers out for the rest of the season. IF Bowers can recover FULLY from his injury I believe the experience of him playing even the last two or three games would bode well for him and the team for next year. He missed half of last season for all practical purposes and to miss all of this year, if not necessary, could be a lost opportunity to accumulate some much needed experience and momentum.Though the idea of adding a quality nose guard in next years mix is a good one, I would concentrate more on CB, though Talib’s talent goes without question, his personal problems have become a team problem. Then go NT and FS.

    • Shillagan on said:

      Te’o Could play outside also. He did so his Freshman year at ND. That however, would mean using a 1st rd on him and then getting rid of Black. But I am a big fan of Te’o I honestly believe Baltimore is going to try and draft him by hook or by crook.

  2. Sounds Good to me!!!!

  3. Jon Price on said:

    I also agree with Macabee for the most part, and I think that if presented with the chance, they should definitely try drafting Manti Te’o because not only is he a natural born leader and one of the best if not the best available defensive players coming out of college, he could adapt and be a perfect fit wherever they need him.

  4. ShayShay on said:

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments above. The coach should sit him out the remainder of the season and ready up for next season. He should be 100% at his best when playing. He has already had injuries to his knee. Let’s not risk more injuries. After all, this is his CAREER.

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