Buccaneers Final Drive, Two-Minute Drill

With two minutes remaining in the game, the Buccaneers, trailing by seven, fielded a punt and started their final drive of the game at their own 21 yard line.

On the first play, Josh Freeman hit Vincent Jackson for the sixth time of the day, putting Jackson over 200 receiving yards.

The next play was a 15-yarder to TE Dallas Clark who ran the ball out of bounds.

Two incompletions later, on third-and-10, Freeman again hit Clark for nine yards, making it fourth-and-one. And Josh Freeman hit Vincent Jackson one more time, converting the first down, and setting up the Buccaneers inside the 10 yard line with less than 20 seconds on the clock.

First down spike. Second down throw away. Third down, back of the end zone to Vincent Jackson with his heel an inch out of bounds.

Time out New Orleans. Five seconds left. Fourth-and-goal.

On fourth, Freeman dropped back, looked up field then scrambled to his left. Planted his foot and drilled it to a wide open Mike Williams. However, prior to the catch, Williams had touched out of the back of the end zone. A flag on the play for an illegal offensive touch ended the game.

Saints win. 35-28.

2 comments on “Buccaneers Final Drive, Two-Minute Drill

  1. Greg Schiano got outcoached by a team with no coach. Got caught looking past a team to next week. Bad coaching. If Raheem Morris had the players we had, we would be looking at a win. Thanks Glazers, I won’t be attending any games this year.

  2. Can’t post anything but “Go Bucs” on this blog. Thanks.

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