Buccaneers’ Twitter Reactions to Sunday’s Win Over Oakland

Doug Martin
Does anyone know a place in Oakland to pick up cannon balls? I'm almost all out! #itsabucslife #raidtheraider
Captain Fear
Great buc win, wasnt pretty but we fought an made it happen!! Proud of my brothers !!! #bucnation HOORAH
Da'Quan Bowers
Doug Martin is a beast he reminds me of a Barry Sanders w more power he has a very bright future u can't tell a rookie that though
Roy Miller
Thank you for AAAALLLLL the family and friends who came to support me today!! Much love!!!
Doug Martin
What an amazing game! So much cannon fire!!! LETS HEAR IT! TAMPA!!!! #itsabucslife #raidtheraiders
Captain Fear
Second pick this season... This ball I'm keeping!!!! Sorry Dad, mom and you can share the first one lol
Leonard Johnson
In the avalanche of awesome Doug Martin numbers, forgot to mention this: Bucs' first win ever in Oakland!
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2 thoughts on “Buccaneers’ Twitter Reactions to Sunday’s Win Over Oakland

  1. i am already tell your guy before about this buccaneers team 2012 .big def . buccaneers back then we got the good coach. and person play .and they got heart put together . and they know they go get there one day real soon .right now were have the best young team in the NFL.COM future i am represent the PIRATE BUCCANEERS TEAM on my heart let me say hi to MR MIKE SAW TIME

  2. To all the players who said they don’t like to be playing for Coach Schiano, you don’t know what your are missing. You are missing to be in the best team this year and for years to come. Soooo, “toes on the line”!!!!! LMAO

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