Connor Barth Connects on 51-Yarder, 10-0 Bucs

Starting at their 48-yard line, Buccaneer WR Vincent Jackson caught his second pass of the game, good for 19 yards down the left sideline.

A holding penalty on second down dropped them back 20-yards and the Bucs couldn’t make up the different. Martin took it 10 yards on the second down play, then QB Josh Freeman wasn’t on the same page as WR Mike Williams on the third down try, which set up the 51-yard attempt.

Barth connected, adding three to the Buccaneer lead. The Buccaneers are taking advantage of the great field position that their defense and special teams are giving them. The two scoring drives have been just 29 and 19 yards.

The Panthers will start their next drive at the 20-yard line, trailing 10-0.

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