Doug Martin Capitalized Big on Turnover

Just two drives ago, Doug Martin took a handoff into the end zone from 45 yards out, the longest run of the Buccaneers season so far. That record did not last long.

On second-and-nine, just two plays after the Leonard Johnson interception, Doug Martin again took the handoff, this time taking it 67 yards to pay dirt. It is his second touchdown of the game, sixth of his career, and third touchdown for the Buccaneers in this half.

With 2:15 remaining in the third quarter, but Buccaneers have reached the end zone on each of their three possessions. Martin has 174 yards rushing on the game and is just five yards short of breaking 200 all-purpose yards for the second straight week.

The Buccaneers lead the Raiders 28-10.

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