Doug Martin: Four Touchdowns, 265 Rushing Yards

Doug Martin has scored again. This time from a yard out. And the Buccaneers make it a 10-point lead, essentially sealing the game for the Bucs.

The yard was Martin’s 265th of the game, a Buccaneer record, and the touchdown is his fourth of the night, also a Buccaneer rushing record.

Martin gained all the Bucs’ yards on the drive that immediately followed the Ahmad Black interception. First taking a run of 13 yards, following that up with an eight-yarder which set up his scoring play.

The Raiders have under two minutes to strike twice or the Buccaneers will leave Oakland with a 4-4 record.

2 thoughts on “Doug Martin: Four Touchdowns, 265 Rushing Yards

  1. I don’t know if anybody at the Bucs reads these blogs, but I have the perfect nickname for Doug. DMX for the Doug Martin Xpress.

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