Bucs and Eagles Continue Exchanging Defensive Blows

Five minutes into the second quarter and the game is still scoreless.

So far, on their first two possessions of the quarter, the Eagles and Buccaneers have each gone three-and-out.

On the Eagle’s first touch, Bryce Brown was again stopped for no game as the Eagles fail to get anything going on the ground against the league’s number one rush defense. On second down DT Daniel Te’o-Nesheim put QB Nick Foles on his back for the third time this game, for a loss of seven that set up third-and-17. Foles completed to Maclin for 14-yards on third down, but failed to convert as the Eagles again punted away.

PR Roscoe Parrish broke the Bucs’ longest return of the year, dancing his way near midfield for a 30-yard gain. A first down holding penalty pushed the offense back and they were unable to make up the ground, punting it back to the Eagles.

All nine drives of the ballgame so far have ended on the legs of their punters in what is turning out to be a fierce defensive struggle on both sides.

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