CB Danny Gorrer Intercepts Bradford in the End Zone

The St. Louis Rams’ first drive of the game began at their 20-yard line. On just their second play, QB Sam Bradford hit WR Danny Amendola who was immediately met by CB Leonard Johnson who jarred the ball loose. After bouncing around, all the way back to the five-yard line, it ended up in the hands of another Ram player.

The referees determined that at one point during the scrum, the Buccaneers had recovered and then fumbled themselves, giving the Rams a new set of downs inside their own five-yard line.

Bradford worked his way out of the hole, finding WR Chris Givens for 14 yards. After a run for no gain, Bradford connected with his third wide receiver, Brandon Gibson. The next set of downs saw a short run, LB Lavonte David pass breakup and ultimately a third down pass that converted the first down.

On first down from the 31-yard line, Bradford took a shot for the end zone toward Danny Amendola. The ball was cut off and intercepted by CB Danny Gorrer in the end zone for a touchback!

The Buccaneers will take over after the turnover at the 20-yard line on their second drive of the day with 14:10 left in the second quarter.

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