Chiefs Proceeding with Quinn, Waiting on Cassel Diagnosis

As the week progresses, it is looking more and more likely that the Buccaneers will be facing Brady Quinn on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

Quinn, the reserve Chiefs quarterback who hasn’t started an NFL game since 2009, is expected to step into the starting lineup if Matt Cassel’s concussion prevents him from playing…and, some suspect, even if Cassel is cleared.  The Chiefs have the league’s second-ranked rushing attack and generally solid defensive numbers but are 1-4 largely due to a league-leading 19 turnovers, many of them beginning with Cassel.

On Wednesday, Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel updated the Bay area media on his quarterback depth chart.

“This is the situation,” said Crennel.  “Matt has been doing the tests that you have to do when you get a concussion and he’s seen the doctors and they’re evaluating.  He has not been cleared yet, so we will proceed today by getting Quinn ready to go, he and [third-string QB Ricky] Stanzi.  Both of those young men have to be ready to go and then we’ll see what the doctors say.  When the doctors tell me one way or the other, I’ll be able to make a decision.”

Quinn is considered a more mobile quarterback than Cassel, which could affect the Buccaneers’ defensive preparations this week, but for the most part Crennel says his team’s offense won’t change much no matter who’s under center.

“Both of those young men have been with us during the offseason and through training camp, and they know the system,” he said.  “If anything, if a guy has a strength you may play to his strength a little bit more. But we feel good about the system and we don’t feel like we need to change the system.”

Quinn has 12 career NFL starts, all of them coming with Cleveland during the 2008-09 seasons.  He has a 3-9 record as a starter and a career 67.3 passer rating.  He did not throw a regular-season pass during the past two seasons as a member of the Denver Broncos.

“That’s right, he hasn’t started a game in a while but he’s played in the league and he understands what it takes to run an offense and to run a team,” said Crennel.  “I think he’s been preparing his whole time in the league.  As he always says, he’s always been one play away.  I think that he’s going to operate the offense efficiently.”

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