Polling the Krewe: Which Proposed Rule Change Do You Support?

This week, we saw six proposed rule changes brought up and voted on by the NFL Competition Committee. While some have been approved, others are still waiting on discussion.

In our Point/Counterpoint article this week, we discussed some of the rules and debated which one we stood behind the most. Check out what we had to say and read more about the rule discussions here. And now we’re asking you! Let us know your pick and discuss your reasoning in the comments below.

Which of the NFL's proposed (or recently accepted) rule changes are you most in favor of?

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2 comments on “Polling the Krewe: Which Proposed Rule Change Do You Support?

  1. tom flynn on said:

    Running backs leading with the helmet penalty, really? I politely say POSH ! How many more years do you think it’ll
    take until the NFL turns into the TFL. Touch Football League? I’m 66 years old. At this rate. It may be in my lifetime?
    Someone please make them stop with these goofy rule changes.The average combat soldier makes about $30,000 a year while putting their life at risk. If they make millions. I don’t think they’d be woryring about a concussion. Risk Vs. Reward. Come on now?.

  2. Reggie young on said:

    the tuck rule was useless.. the only good thing that happened because of it was the ability to get Gruden. The tuck rule ruined his career in Oakland. Then we got him.. I love that, so bye bye tuck rule we hardly liked you.

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