Polling the Krewe: Who Would You Like To See Drafted?

The 2013 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and now it’s your turn to sound off about the incoming class of red and pewter.

In the past few weeks we’ve talked about some potential names for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers first round pick. And the NFL Draft experts from around the league have chimed in with their mock drafts, trying to predict which player will be taken at Number 13 this year by the Bucs.

Which leads us to our poll question. Which of these expert picks would you most like to see lining up with the Buccaneers in Week One? Make your choice in the poll and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Which of the following picks by expert analysts would you most like to see the Buccaneers draft with their first-round pick?

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47 comments on “Polling the Krewe: Who Would You Like To See Drafted?

  1. StonerBucs on said:

    I want Dion Jordan, Fluker, and Manti Teo. I will love whoever they pick though. Even Manti Teo and I go to Bama!

  2. J Jeffcott on said:

    I really hope we don’t go D-line again. A playmaker in the secondary would be nice.

  3. Thomas on said:

    If Rhodes is there, we *have* to take him. CB is the team’s biggest need (don’t know how all these so-called “experts” got convinced it’s the DL instead in the past few months) and unlike on the DL, we have NOBODY of value there (and this includes Wright, who will be getting cut shortly). I don’t care if he’s an overdraft at #13; needs are needs and the new rookie pay scale minimizes the negative effects of an overdraft.

    (And Kiper… that’s just sadness and senility on his part.)

    • Brad on said:

      well said. We need to be DB heavy in this offseason. I could get behind picking up a freak like Margus Hunt in round 4, or working a deal for Clif Avril to boost the pass rush though

    • peter on said:

      Teo wouldnt b as bad as a pick as people r making out hes good in coverage and hes instinct for the game is uncompared 2 most players in the draft but i do agree a DB is the prefered pick

  4. BMcGuire on said:

    Personally I think the best move would be to try to acquire a proven defensive back through trade or free agency, for example Darrelle Revis. Even if you have to trade for him then trade Blount and a mid round pick as well as some money seeing as we are way under the cap (or whatever the jets want that is reasonable). After this you have acquired a proven play maker in the Defensive backfield. Then when it comes time to draft you take Tyler Eiffert out of Notre Dame. He is very strong in run support which would help Martin out a lot in the coming season. As well he is the best receiving Tight end in the draft and this will make the defense have to play Dallas Clark and Eiffert equally which will result in somebody being open for an easy find for Josh Freeman. This will result in more wins and more yds per play which usually results in more ppg, which results in more wins. The ultimate goal is the Super bowl but you need to win games to make the playoffs to even have a chance of success. this trade and draft will do that and get the Bucs to the Playoffs.

    • Ryan on said:

      If cash is included in the deal, it won’t count against your cap numbers so mentioning salary cap is irrelevant. Also, they are looking for a 1st and 2nd round pick for Revis. Not a mid round.

      • jrcole91 on said:

        Revis is way to much trouble for what he is worh especially coming off a pretty severe injury not to mention all what it would cost to get him. the worst part is what we would have to do to to retain him. He is gonna want to be the highest paid cornerback in the league. and our cap space is good right now but freeman and McCoys contracts are coming up too. leaving us no room to make moves.

  5. fmyerbuc on said:

    I believe we nee help in our secondary via FA or draft, I think we should take Rhodes if he is still there to take if not take one in FA.

  6. Matt Jaspan on said:

    The bucs need to get a player to help in the secondary, the bucs were horrible last year against the pass. Not to take away from the bucs run defense but a huge reason why the bucs were number 1 against the run was because everyone knew the bucs could not stop the pass. Drafting a solid CB in the draft would help push the bucs to the playoffs, or maybe trading for Revis could be a way to go.

  7. Brad on said:

    I want Rhodes, maybe Mathiue, Margus Hunt, maybe Nassib to put pressure on Free. We should consider going after Avril nad/or Sean Smith in FA, but I think Revis will be out of reach.

  8. Danny on said:

    At this point in time I believe that we should address our biggest need which is the secondary. But all of this talk means nothing if we address it well enough in free agency. Right now the draft is totally up in the air.

  9. D.J. on said:

    over drafting a questionable corner is a terrible idea in xavier rhodes. teams that win draft the best players available. for example some mock drafts post combine have star lotulelei slipping past us to the panthers due to his heart condition. with roy miller in question this should be our pick to solidify the only “weak” point on the line and of cours not let a “haloti ngata” type in the division (this is all assuming his heart condition checks out). if of course he should not check out, i would hope we go with kenny vaccaro. there is no reason to overdraft a corner this year due to the depth at the position and the multitude of names now being released into free agency. dunta robinson, chris gamble, sean smith, maybe nnamdi…too many players we could sign to jump on xavier rhodes. in conclusion i would like to see us take vaccaro in the first (unless the option to trade for revis or milliner presents itself), then in the second take khaseem green and trade back in for logan ryan. this isnt simply based on the fact that schianno has a prickly demeanor and these players chose him before, its also because they fit our play style. we need a weak side linebacker that can cover underneath and logan ryan is touted as a corner who will play at the line of scrimmage whether it be jamming receivers or tackling a ball carrier. the implementation of vacarro, green, ryan, and a signed veteran at corner would fill every defensive hole we currently have.

  10. Lincoln Thomas on said:

    I would like to see Rhodes in the first round then get the Honey Badger in the 3rd or 4th

  11. Ash West on said:

    definitely has to be rhodes, also need to pick up tyrann mathieu in the later rounds

  12. Ryan on said:

    Seth Doege give Freeman the boot

  13. bob ryan on said:

    Revis will cost you a first rounder and probably a third round pick. Then, he will be looking for a 6 or 7 year deal at about 16 million per year. He will be the highest paid player on the team, and no way you can get the ND TE without a first round pick. This is not the best way for the Bucs to go. PASS on Revis.

  14. louden on said:

    1st Round – WR Tavon Austin
    really imagine a Dexter Jackson type WR playing in the slot with Mike Williams and V-Jack on the outsides. if Freeman cannot take advantage of that, dumb him ;)
    plus u got a great returner in him. so one of the best deep threats in the leage in Vincent, a very capable hungry WR in (B)MW and a real playmaker in Austin…. unstoppable in a passing leage….

    Free Agency: get a no1 CB

    2nd Round – CB Tyrann Mathieu LSU
    as Tavon Austin is for Offense (plus special teams), as is tyrann mathieu for defense… and special teams (we struggled last year at returning and covering; he does both very very well). Difference-maker as a slot Corner with very good blitzing ability, and just a knack for the big play, good cover skills and aggressive player/tackler. Good teammate (nice to hang arround), but also hard worker.
    Perfect in a Buccaneers Uniform as a Ronde type slot guy. gotta love him ;)

    maybe a LB then?
    find a way to get this LB#20 of Rutgers plus the 2 from above…
    use later rounds to bolster D-line as O-line seems good (not perfect, but okay)
    depends on value of the players… follow this and we are fine(=ready for a legit playoff race).

  15. Bobby on said:

    I really think the best player is the secondary we could pick would be Kenny Vaccaro out of Texas. Extremely athletic and a ball hawk. Dion Jordan would be great if he fell to us but after a combine performance like that it’s not going to happen. But it’s an NFL draft, anything could happen.

  16. Trae M Gilley on said:

    I’d like to see us go CB two rounds in a row with Xavier 1st round, than David Amerson in the 2nd who was considered a top 5 talent after having 13ints last year in college then having a disappointing season this year mainly due to gambling for interceptions too much but I think he will be awesome! Then with our 3rd pick maybe trade up into the 2nd to get Khaseem Greene at linebacker or stay and wait for Escobar in the 3rd round maybe. Then get an offensive tackle in free agency

  17. fmyerbuc on said:

    Why Revis? He’s coming off major injury,what will he perform like? there’s other good players out there…Sean Smith….for just one.

    • Touche Doune on said:

      He’ll be fine. Hell be compared to AP with his recovery play.

    • Dylan on said:

      Sean smith has been an above average player for his tenior in the league. Darelle revis was the best corner in the nfl, hands down. Teams wouldn’t even throw to his side. I’d put him through some agility and limberness tests, but I would expect him to return as one of the better corners in the game at worst

  18. joshuabuc4life on said:

    i definately think we should takes rhodes if there at #13 . we definately need a new great CB we really dont need anything else. maybe take Elam for safety if he is still there aswell

  19. Anthony on said:

    I think they should draft kenny vaccaro (safty) in the first round and go for a cb in the 2nd round mabe pick up robinson as free agant and cut wright

  20. Keau on said:

    I think we should trade back and grab Tyler Eifert we need a solid tight end down the middle heʻd be a match up nightmare just like jimmy graham is for the saints and Tony G is for the falcons. plus this is a deep class of DBs.

  21. louden on said:

    as some have mentioned:
    trading for Revis is a bad idea, because of loosing draft picks.
    and xavier rhodes isn´t that good of a corner (like morris clayborne, or patrick peterson of the cardinals were).
    bucs have to pass on them….
    vacarro as some have mentioned, seems to be a very good fit too, although, as said before: 1st round WR Tavon Austing = boom, playmaking maniac for offense and special teams…. wouldn´t pass on that…
    if ronde retires, there u go, pick Vaccaro^^

  22. liem on said:


  23. Justin on said:

    we HAVE to pick Rhodes if he is available, if not any of the following defensive players would help fill gaps in our defenese. D Robinson would be a huge free agent pick up for us. And hopefully we can re-sign Michael Bennet for the right price!

  24. Britton on said:

    All I have to say is I definitely would not mind have Eiffert on this team. I hope they consider trading down unless we get Rhodes or Vaccaro. Picking up an extra mid round pick and taking Eiffert would be a great move because it would further solidify our already above average offense and would give us a Gronk like presence at tight end. You know what you’re getting with this guy and he won’t have all that unwanted extra stuff like Teo or Ogeltree.

    Want to know why the Buccaneers have recovered since they won the superbowl?
    From 2005-2009 we have had five 1st & 2nd round picks and six 3rd picks. Guess how many of those 16 high draft picks who should be in the prime of their careers right now are playing for us?

    The answer is four! Joseph, Trueblood, Black, & Freeman. (Roy Miller will be gone soon otherwise it’d be 5)
    We have four early round draft picks that are still good enough to play right now through 5 drafts. That’s ridiculous. Now we’ve been doing better the last 3 years but all I’m saying is if you want actually build a team around solid players I would take somebody like Eiffert. The guy has all the tools you need to succeed a long time in the NFL and it would be really helpful to have a play maker at TE. Let’s keep being smart with the draft picks.

  25. Touche Doune on said:

    I’m actually looking forward to FA this year and hope to see close to what we did last year.
    We’ll be twiddling our thumbs the first round of draft as we will be signing The Island. We won’t have to give up a second round for him, which is good.

  26. Dylan on said:

    I think when there is pure pass rushing talent like Bjoern Werner, you can’t pass that up. He’s got an unbelievable motor, great hands, and has noticeably increased in strength every year. I think a year or two with the right coaching could put him in a J.J. Watt type level for the pass rushing part of his game… He needs a little more development with run stopping, but nothing major. An end like that will certainly give the secondary the appearance that they are better than they are. Just like the giants a few years a go

  27. chris bragg on said:

    Go get Dashon Goldston .Then draft Xavier Rodes. then try to trade up and get Trufant.

  28. Andrew on said:

    What about Olgetree, Jarvis Jones, and Dee Millner? I don’t know about you all but I don’t want to settle with that list there.

  29. jrcole91 on said:

    Im tired of people saying we need Manti Teo. He is clearly over rated after struggling at the combine and his game wont translate to the next level. out of all the linebackers we should be looking at it should be kasheem greene in the second round. Dion jordan or star lotulelei both would be a solid pick for the first round pick if they makes it to 13. I believe cornerback is deep in this draft and should be addressed in free agency too. but i believe the best scenario that could play out for our franchise is to draft kenny vaccaro, kasheem greene, tyrann mathieu, connor vernon, jelani jenkins and jordan reed then in free agency go after sean smith or cary williams and try to get both Bennett brothers.

  30. Kevin on said:

    One DB in FA would be nice and a TE either FA or Draft. Preferably draft for the TE. Trade up in the first round and grab melliner or however you spell his name or get lucky and grab him at 13 I would be VERY HAPPY to see them grab Ramses Barden from NY and line him up across from VJAX and Mike Williams

  31. tommyluebke on said:

    I would try to pick up cb dunta robinson in free agency, take vacarro round 1 or trade back for more picks and get Elam from Florida. then pickup Rutgers cb in second round. Then t,ilb ,or dline best available round 3 then cb or te in 4th best available

  32. chris on said:

    if tampa doesnt get a coner in the draft we’ll be 7-9 AGAIN

  33. thegoldenboy on said:

    @13 we should take Werner, if he still there. which i doubt. he’s a very solid starter for years to come. great off and on the field. great worker. a lot off these high ranked players have issues off the field. Werner is a no-brainer!

  34. DBMiller on said:

    I think we should resign free agent DE Bennett AND his free agent TE brother (from NYG) and another ‘impact’ defensive free agent… Then draft the top player left on the Bucs’ board when they pick (no matter the position).

  35. joseph on said:

    Myself i would go with the tackle. with free agent’s and later draft picks .we could really shore up the o-line ..and the more time the offense is on the field .the fresher the D is going to be..But if the tackle isn’t there , then Rhodes is next.and guys we have a safety. so either tackle or cb .no safety .no revis .we have had a few wannabes in the past .so lets keep it from all the drama out there.

  36. Todd Birchfield on said:

    I think we should get sean smith fa cb and Dunta Robinson fa cb then trade down with #13 to about #18 and pick up an extra pick and take Tyler Eifert te out of ND with #18 (he’s projected to go between 18 and 25) and in the 2nd round take Jonathan Hankins dt os Hankins will take the place of Roy Miller then trade back up into the latter part of the 2nd round and take Marquis Goodwin wr Texas and with the addition of Eifert and Goodwin The offense will be extremely hard to stop alot of ppl think we should take a de to help with the pass rush but if Claiborn can stay healthy and with Mccoy playing at a pro bowl level I think the d-line will be just fine maybe take a 4th round de to add depth

  37. José Martínez on said:

    I’m absolutely sure the Bucs will get a good CB this offseason. Revis will be a HUGE addition if a trade is made, even if we give them our first round choice and some other round pick. The guy is TOTALLY worth it!! And if it’s not Revis, names like Asmougha, Rodgers-Cromartie and Sean Smith are in play and I think any would work on our system. Also, we may adress the RT position with Andre Smith or the DE position with Cliff Avril. If we get one or even two CB in the FA (and I think we would, at least one), then we must adress our pass-rush or maybe a good OLB could work to replace Black’s abscence, who might have played his last football game last November.

    For the record, I have to say Mel Kiper lives in another galaxy if he thinks Te’o is going to be better than a late-first round pick.

  38. Sheldon waltz on said:

    We need to trade up for another first rounder and get manti teo and xavier rhoads.. B a dominant defense like 02 bucs

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