Jackson Among NFL’s Most Sure-Handed Receivers

The scouting report on wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who left the San Diego Chargers this past offseason to sign a lucrative free agency deal with the Buccaneers, is that he brought a lethal combination of size, a long-strider’s deceptive speed, outstanding body control and sure hands.

Buccaneer fans have already seen those traits in action, as they have helped Jackson produce a 19.0 yards-per-catch figure (sixth in the NFL) and constant first-down production (14 of his 16 receptions).  Many observers may not have noticed, however, how thoroughly Jackson has proved that last assessment correct.  The Bucs’ new number-one receiver has been so sure-handed through the first month of play that he has yet to suffer a dropped pass.

That puts Jackson among the NFL’s best when it comes to catching everything within range.  There are only five players in the league who have been targeted at least 30 times so far this year and have yet to drop a pass.  Minnesota’s Percy Harvin has 48 targets without a drop, Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson has 46 and the Bucs’ Jackson is next with 38 (all statistics courtesy of Statspass).  Indianapolis’ Donnie Avery and Baltimore’s Torrey Smith round out the top five.

Tampa Bay’s passing attack has still not reached its full potential, obviously, even in the potentially prolific connection between Jackson and quarterback Josh Freeman.  The Bucs would surely like to improve on their 42.1% completion rate when throwing it in Jackson’s direction.  Still, he is catching what he can, and providing good yardage with those opportunities.  Of all the players in the NFL who have still not dropped a single pass, Jackson is fourth with 304 receiving yards.

6 comments on “Jackson Among NFL’s Most Sure-Handed Receivers

  1. Is accuracy something a QB can constantly improve on or is it something that plateaus? I mean is it one of those things where if someone has it than they do and if they don’t then they just don’t? If V-Jax is catching everything that is catch-able then what can Freeman do to make sure he get’s more “catch-able” passes?

    • you can always improve accuray but the big thing is freemans ability to “know” who’s open and understanding the coverage then the completion stat will rise do to him throwing to him in good decisions not just because he’s there #1

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning on said:

    Jackson is an awesome receiver, if Josh Freeman could only find him more often.
    A couple of deep passes caught by Jackson against Kansas City will open up our running game. Teams are still stacking the box against us, and daring Freeman to beat them!

    • he’s gotta get his head in the game if he can open up the run martin could be in the top five rushers in the nfl up there with guys like arien foster or ray rice

  3. This is not correct. Vincent Jackson has dropped at least 2 passes this year, one of which occurred in game 1 against the Panthers.

  4. John Piazza on said:

    Man, Sean is on the job and i remember the pass play but if my memory serves me well, the ball was thrown somewhat behind him, been wrong before Sean. Keep up the great work Mr. Jackson, GO BUCS !!!

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