Bucs Know How to Strike Fast

Doug Martin’s second-half explosion at Oakland last Sunday, which included touchdown runs of 45, 67 and 70 yards in rapid-fire succession, was almost too unbelievable to process at the time.  Perhaps that disbelief was responsible for an unusual role reversal on the O.co Stadium turf: the Buccaneers running back was getting praise from Oakland defensive linemen and indignation from Tampa Bay defensive linemen.

Well, mock indignation, at least.

Earlier this week, DT Gerald McCoy explained what it was like to be among the only Buccaneers who saw any downside to Martin’s repeated breakaways.  That would be Tampa Bay’s defenders, who often barely had time to catch their collective breath before Martin scored again and forced them back onto the field.

“I would be talking to the guys and then you would hear [groans] and I would [say], “Is he going again?!” said McCoy.  “It was just amazing what he was doing.”

Obviously, McCoy was joking about his displeasure, but it certainly wasn’t easy for Tampa Bay’s defensive players to keep up in the second half last Sunday.  Despite scoring 35 points after the intermission, Tampa Bay’s offense possessed the ball for just 13 of the 30 second-half game minutes.

However, that’s something that McCoy and company are probably going to have to get used to.  Not only is the Buccaneers’ offense emerging as one of the most productive in the NFL, but it also has proved adept at putting up points very quickly.  In fact, the Bucs may be the league’s premier quick-strike offense right now.

The Bucs lead the NFL in scoring drives of four or fewer plays.


Team Drives Points
1.   Tampa Bay 8 52
2. Tennessee 6 43
3. Atlanta 6 42
3. Washington 6 42
5. Cincinnati 5 35


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