PFT, Fans to Determine Bucs’ Mount Rushmore

So the folks at Pro Football Talk are running a series to determine the “Mount Rushmore” of each NFL team, which is exactly what it sounds like.  Picking from a list predetermined by PFT, fans are urged to vote for which four players-slash-franchise-figures would replace George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln if the iconic mountain-side sculpture in South Dakota was devoted to their favorite franchise instead of U.S. Presidents.

The voting pages for the Saints, Panthers and Falcons’ Mount Rushmores, respectively, have debuted over the last three days.  Now the Bucs and their four-decade history are up to complete the NFC South.  And, voters: Don’t expect this to be easy.

Seriously.  Just consider this very basic conundrum: With Hall of Famer and franchise icon Lee Roy Selmon a seeming lock for the mountainside, only three spots would remain.  Now turn your attention to that historic Super Bowl defense – if Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber and John Lynch are considered the core of that defense, which one do you NOT put on the mountain?

And, of course, that’s only scratching the surface of the deserving candidates, as you’ll see below.  Certainly, there are no shortage of Mike Alstott, Tony Dungy or Hardy Nickerson fans, just to name a few.  Here’s PFT’s list:

  • FB Mike Alstott
  • CB Ronde Barber
  • LB Derrick Brooks
  • Head Coach Tony Dungy
  • RB Warrick Dunn
  • T Paul Gruber
  • Head Coach Jon Gruden
  • Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin
  • S John Lynch
  • LB Hardy Nickerson
  • DT Warren Sapp
  • DE Lee Roy Selmon

All things considered, that’s a pretty commendable list on PFT’s part.  One could potentially argue for the inclusions of TE Jimmie Giles, RB James Wilder or QB Doug Williams, but it’s not likely that any of the three would beat out those above in the voting.

Choosing from among those 12?  Now that’s the hard part…and that’s your job.  So go vote now and start chiseling rock on that Buccaneers Mount Rushmore.

16 comments on “PFT, Fans to Determine Bucs’ Mount Rushmore

  1. chris on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    CB Ronde Barbe
    S John Lynch
    DT Warren Sapp

  2. James Lowrey on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    DT Warren Sapp
    CB Ronde Barber
    LB Derrick Brooks

  3. andrew on said:

    Selmon, Sapp, Brooks, Barber.

  4. barber, brooks, sapp, selmon

  5. Joel Sprinkle on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    DT Warren Sapp
    LB Derrick Brooks
    CB Ronde Barber

  6. justin on said:

    Monte Kiffin
    Lee Roy Selmon
    John Lynch
    Ronde Barber

  7. J.Natonio on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    DT Warren Sapp
    LB Derrick Brooks
    Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin

  8. Stuart on said:

    Lee Roy Selmon

    Ronde Barber

    Warren Sapp

    Derrick Brooks

  9. Martin Ferenc` on said:

    W. SAPP

  10. Rick on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    QB Doug Williams
    RB Ricky Bell
    Head Coach Tony Dungy

  11. Barry on said:

    How could you choose just one from such a great list of candidates ???

  12. Chili on said:

    DE Lee Roy Selmon
    FB Mike Alstott
    QB Doug Williams
    Coach John McKay

  13. kevin corley on said:

    brooks, barber, selmon, sapp

  14. Hurls on said:

    warren sapp
    derrick brooks
    tony dungy
    john lynch
    warrick dunn
    bo jackson

  15. sylvia robinson on said:

    i would put tony dungy, mike alstott, ricky bell, derrick brooks, leroy selman, doug williams, ronde barber, warren sapp, john lynch, paul gruber, batman woods, monte kiffen, and steve spurrier

  16. Travis Cundiff on said:

    Extremely hard to eliminate:
    S John Lynch & FB Mike Alsott

    CB Ronde Barber
    LB Derrick Brooks
    DT Warren Sapp
    DE Lee Roy Selmon

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