What They’re Saying About the Revis Trade

The blockbuster deal that sent All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis from the Jets to the Buccaneers on Sunday was obviously not a simple transaction to complete.  It came down, essentially, to the 11th hour, not surprising given that it included two of most coveted of NFL assets: a shutdown cornerback and a first-round draft pick.

But G.M.’s Mark Dominik and John Idzik got it done, and one assumes that wouldn’t have happened if each side hadn’t been at least somewhat satisfied with its haul in the bargain.  Dominik called it a “rare and unique” opportunity for the Buccaneers to acquire “the premier defensive player in the league.”  Meanwhile, Idzik laid out the Jets’ reasoning as to why the trade was the “best thing to do for really all concerned,” with his squad receiving “very valuable compensation.”

In the end, they both may very well be proved right.  But, of course, they are both, by definition, biased, and they’re presenting viewpoints understandably colored by their positions.  With a trade of this magnitude it might be more instructive – or, at the very least, more entertaining – to see how the deal was viewed by ostensibly objective viewpoints.

So let’s do just that.  Below is a sampling of some of the reactions to the Darrelle Revis trade by analysts on prominent sports web sites.

Pat Yasinskas, who covers the NFC South for ESPN.com, says the future looks a lot brighter for the Buccaneers after this trade.  “In theory,” writes Yasinskas of Revis, “he’ll create turnovers and field position that will help Freeman and the offense. In theory, the Bucs now have everything they need to be a playoff team. … It’s time for the Buccaneers to be winners.”  ESPN also broke down the stats as to why Revis would be so important to the Buccaneers, and Ian O’Connor, writing from a New York perspective, did not judge the compensation to be enough for the Jets.

Jump from ESPN.com to Grantland and you’ll find the very thorough and analytical Bill Barnwell comparing the Revis trade to an infamous baseball deal of the 1980s.  Much of his analysis is about how the Jets got to the point of trading their superstar cornerback, but in discussing Revis’ new home he says the new Buc  “should be a defense-defining superstar.”  Barnwell predicts that Revis’ presence should improve Tampa Bay’s pass rush on the front end of the defense.

At Yahoo.com, Jason Cole goes directly to the issue of which side of the trade is better value and boils much of it down to which commodity is the bigger risk.  With some input from NFL execs from other teams, he comes down on the Bucs’ side of the deal, considering the draft pick less of a sure thing than Revis.

On SI.com, Peter King dissects the factors that allowed the trade to happen and concludes in the end that, “[i]f he’s healthy, Tampa Bay got a great deal.”

NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington hustled down to Tampa when the deal was going down on Sunday and covered the trade and its aftermath as it unfolded.  In the end, he wrote on NFL.com that the trade was a good gamble for the Buccaneers, despite the heavy investment in picks and dollars.  “But Tampa Bay now has filled a massive void that kept it from having a successful season in 2012,” wrote Darlington.  “A terrible pass defense is now on the brink of making a complete turnaround, which could mean the same for the entire organization. That’s worth $16 million. That’s worth a first-round pick this year and a conditional fourth-round pick next year that’s likely to become a third.”

One comment on “What They’re Saying About the Revis Trade

  1. I hope that revis comes back strong like he was prior to his injury.It’s time for the Bucs to be in the playoffs! hopefully,we can still draft a good cb or fill other holes in this years draft,with the remaining picks we have.This is a risky trade but that’s what is necessary if you wanna win.I’m just happy to see the organization making moves last off season and now to make the team more competitive,I was really started to wonder about their will to win prior to that.Go Bucs!

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