Expect Blount to Get More Work

The Buccaneers’ running-game totals have declined from an encouraging 130 yards in the season opener to 79 in Week Two and 75 last Sunday in Dallas.  That’s not a catastrophic trend, and game situations obviously play a part, but it’s safe to say the Bucs want to get more out of their running game on a consistent week-to-week basis.

One way to do so may be to find more work for LeGarrette Blount.  The team’s leading rusher in 2010 and 2011 has just seven carries for 27 yards so far, as rookie Doug Martin has taken the lead and done nothing to disappoint the coaching staff.

“I think LeGarrette, we need to get him more involved,” said Head Coach Greg Schiano on Wednesday.  “I’m not thinking about any changes [to the starting lineup], just getting him a little more action.  There was the whole thing with the injury, and we didn’t know what it was, and that threw things into flux a little bit.  He’s practiced very well now and he’s ready to go, so I think we’ll have a good one-two punch like we envisioned early on.  That’s my hope.”

That approach would please left guard Carl Nicks, perhaps the team’s most effective run-blocker up front.

“I would be very happy to see that,” said Nicks.  “I’ve been waiting for it.  I love Doug to death, but I want to see that.  It changes up how the defense plays the run.  The way you tackle LeGarrette is way different than the way you tackle Doug.  It’s night and day.  But you need that thunder-and-lightning aspect in order to be successful.  I think we’ve got that and hopefully we can use it.”

Schiano says there is no set percentage of handoffs he is looking to give either Martin or Blount; rather, he describes it is a “perfect-feel” type of thing.  Ideally, Blount’s insertion into the game would give the offense a dynamic and bruising changeup, and that would in turn help Martin when he comes back into the game, rested and ready to provide a different look.

“One week it could be 50-50 and the next week it could be 80-20 – whatever fits the situation perfectly,” said Schiano.  “But you’ve got to be careful because when you go totally by feel you can look up and it’s the fourth quarter and he’s only got one carry.  So it’s a delicate balance.”

5 comments on “Expect Blount to Get More Work

  1. Daffy Buck on said:

    Bout Time!! Can’t have Thunder and Lightning with no Thunder!!

    Anyway real refs looking like they will be back for Sundays game. What really happened in the Packers game, the ref got confused and saw Jennings caught the ball. He thought it was Packers receiver Jennings and signaled TD!! He lost track of who was on offense and who was on defense (and which team was which). Lost track of which Jennings was which. Happens to all of us all the time!!

  2. I’ve been WONDERING since Week ONE,, when this Scheme of two running backs was gonna happen…. This mystery injury, didn’t seem to keep him from practice.. I have to think that the O.C. doesn’t have a handle on HIS offense.. Just cause he came from N.Y. as an assistant, doesn’t give him credentials to be an O.C.. Aside for a nice output in wk. one running game, the next 2 didn’t even see Blount except for what 2 rushes in the Dallas game.. And Josh is not given the freedom to see and change a bad play… WOW.. Just so much in NOT working in the offense..

  3. How about Blount and Martin on the field at the same time? This is the best 11 on the field!

  4. ronald a williams on said:

    They should have had Blount running much earlier in the season . put some pads on the hip and let him run over some people.. Blount stop jumping over people, lower that should, protect the ball and bang some people with that “TWO HUNDRED FORTY FIVE POUNDS WITH THAT SPEED” then you will be the number one guy….. Go Bucs

  5. Cloud Marley on said:

    I would like to see Blount line up at fullback with Martin at tailback and motion him out to the slot. Create some mismatches. I hope that we see more Blount today!!!

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