Bucs to Get Head Start on Monday

Most weeks during an NFL season follow a very specific and unbending schedule.  Monday is for review of the previous day’s game and, in terms of physical work, some light running at the most.  Tuesday is a player’s day off and a coach’s day to game plan for the next opponent.  Wednesday and Thursday are for game plan installation, both on the field and in the classroom.  Friday and Saturday are for review, and it all culminates in the game on Sunday.

Things are a little different following a bye week, however, which Buccaneer players will find out next week, beginning on Monday.  Because there will be no Sunday game to review, and because the players will be coming off four consecutive days off, Monday will be what is often called a “bonus” day.  The team will conduct what is essentially an extra practice in preparation for the following Sunday’s home game against the Chiefs.

The rest of the week will continue in the normal vain, but it’s that extra Monday work that could provide the Bucs with a little bit of an advantage.  The team used its two extra practices this week mostly to work on fundamentals and self-scouting.  However, the days off for the players didn’t mean the coaches were also lounging around from Thursday to Sunday.  They will be able to provide the players with the game plan for the Chiefs earlier than usual.

The bye week only comes along once a year.  Hopefully the Bucs can use it to gain some advantage over their opponent in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “Bucs to Get Head Start on Monday

  1. I would like Mike Sullivan change up the play calling a little.I would like them to use Blount more. If Blounts only weakness is blocking why don’t they use him more for play action and screens. I’ve seen him catch the ball, so they can’t say putting Blount in makes the team predictable.Martin may be an all around RB, but he’s not a 3 down back. Sullivan should use Blount and Martin like Atlanta use Turner and Rogers. Turner beats the D down and Rogers is blocks and catches on 3rd. Please for the Fans sake, let Freeman run and QB sneak Please!!!!

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