Instant Debate: Who is the Bucs’ 2012 MVP?

Doug Martin is having the greatest rookie season in Buccaneers history and is among the NFL’s top offensive producers.  Josh Freeman has a stellar 25-8 TD-INT ratio.  Michael Bennett has been a backfield presence for the defense and Gerald McCoy has been as dominant against the run as he has been as a pass-rusher.  Lavonte David is among the NFL’s leaders in both tackles and tackles for loss.  Vincent Jackson picks up more yards per catch than anybody in the NFL, scores touchdowns and moves the chains.  Ronde Barber continues to make plays even after his move to safety.  Donald Penn is protecting Freeman’s backside on a team that has allowed only 19 sacks.

All of those Buccaneers have been outstanding in 2012? Which one has been the team’s MVP?

That’s not an easy question to answer, but a group of Buccaneer fans tackled it on Thursday night during a live chat here in the Captain’s Blog.  With T.J. Rives of the Buccaneers Radio Network leading the discussion, the chat participants went through such names as Martin, Jackson, Barber and McCoy.  Here are some of the chat excerpts:

TJ Rives: 

On the MVP debate….

Mark Soule@msoule3

As well as Martin & Jackson are playing it has to be McCoy been dominant stopping the run and allowing Bennett to get to the QB

TJ Rives: 

That’s an interesting choice, but you can make the case that Gerald has been THE reason that the run defense has been so good. You make a good point that Bennett and the whole D Line have benefited from his pressure and being double teamed!

TJ Rives:

Here’s an MVP vote: has to be #22.  Tough to argue that Doug Martin is NOT the MVP.  You look at what he means to the offense/its success, it’s OBVIOUS. When he does damage, they score lots and win lots.

Scotty Ramirez:

ronde barber!

TJ Rives: 

Ronde has been amazing in 16th year and brings heart/leadership and is always around the ball, etc. I don’t think he has been MORE valuable than Martin or Vincent Jackson. That’s a great debate though. LOVE 2-0


Of course V-jax is in the conversation. I have to give it to the entire offense for their execution. One player is not successful without the other doing their job!

You can check out the entire Thursday night chat transcript here.  Stay tuned for more live chat opportunities here in the Captain’s Blog.

3 comments on “Instant Debate: Who is the Bucs’ 2012 MVP?

  1. scott hendry on said:

    I feel the most valuable player(s) award should go to (in alphabetical order); David, Jackson, and Martin. David because of his contributions to what was arguably the worst linebacking corps in the nfl last year. His numbers, leadership ability, and durability qualify him the honor. Jackson because of how his presence on the receiving corps has elevated the quality of that particular group, just ask Mike Williams, and of course his league leading YPG stats. Which brings us to “THE SHRIMPSTER” Doug Martin. Playing behind an offensive line missing two all pro starters and being able to accomplish what he has brought to this team is nothing “short” of remarkable.The man’s got the heart, numbers, durability and personality of a winner for years to come me thinks. All three players have the numbers, durability, confidence, and raise the playing level of their corps positions significantly But if it can only go to one player, I choose “THE SHRIMPSTER”!

  2. hey guy . go to 22 or 54 that it

  3. Doug Martin fo sho.

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