Experts Debate Potential Landing Spots for Revis

Is all-star cornerback Darrelle Revis really on the trading block?  Only Jets management knows for sure, but there are certainly persistent rumors to that effect.

Considered by many to be the NFL’s best cornerback – he certainly has one of the league’s best nicknames in “Revis Island” – he has one year left on his current deal and would surely command an enormous deal on the free agency market.  Thus, if the Jets really are considering trading Revis, any team on the other side of the deal would be making a sizeable commitment in terms of both draft picks and dollar signs.

It’s a complicated situation, which is why assembled six different NFL analysts to debate exactly where Revis could land if the Jets try to make a deal.  The Buccaneers figure prominently in that debate.

Of course, experts Ian Rapoport, Gregg Rosenthal, Adam Rank, Charley Casserly, Jason Smith and Dave Dameshek have to rely more on clues and speculation than any real knowledge of the Buccaneers’ potential interest in Revis.  But if the Jets are intent on trading their star cover man, he has to land somewhere, and Rapoport and company see Tampa as an intriguing possibility.

In fact, two of the six analysts (Rapoport and Casserly) list Tampa Bay as their top possibility.  A third (Smith) points to either the Bucs or the Vikings and a fourth (Rosenthal) includes Tampa Bay as one of five listed options.

Essentially, the experts’ mention of the Buccaneers as a possible destination for Darrelle Revis is a matter of lining up the circumstances that make it conceivable: Need at the position, available cap space and an expectation of playoff contention in 2013.  Again, only team management knows for sure if there is any interest.

Perhaps the most likely team that Revis will play for in 2013: The New York Jets.  It is no certainty that the Jets will be motivated to trade the Pro Bowl cornerback, and no direct evidence that the Buccaneers would be interested in making a deal.  As Rapoport puts it:

“Could it happen? It’s so complicated that I’d be surprised at any team making a trade for Revis. But this is one of the few teams that could make it happen.”

One comment on “Experts Debate Potential Landing Spots for Revis

  1. Matt on said:

    Bucs don’t need to do any trades for players in the nfl. It’s not our style . Rookies tend to perform well and come with less problems drama and injuries and a cheaper contract . That means they can spend at other positions

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